Monopolise your memories

Connection | Inspiration | Exploration

How do you fragrance your space? Not a question you may have asked yourself or not one we hear very often. We're more likely to focus on how we see the world or listen to stories that the world is telling us. However, scent can be an invaluable tool that we use co connect, inspire and explore. 

I've always had a slight obsession with fragrance and candles in particular, after losing my job I used to light one each morning as a little pick me up and so that I could elevate my space. 

Handmade scented soy wax candles in the UK


There is something so powerful in the way fragrance can evoke memories. It has the power to take us back to certain times in our lives that we cherish. A fragrance can remind us of a loved one that is no longer in our present. A walk in the woods can remind us of past adventures when we were care free and had nothing to worry about. There are parts of ourself that we may have lost touch with, that we can revisit with the power of scent. 


If you're feeling lacklustre or you need a pick me up, fragrance can really make a difference. Lighting an uplifting candle and finding your happy place can be very inspiring and can bring on your creative flow. 


A single scent can awaken a thousand memories, it's time to tell your fragrance story, scent your space and elevate your mood.

So, make new memories or revisit past times with one of our hand poured beautifully fragranced candles.