Handmade to order

In theory we all know that there are great benefits to buying handmade. Whether we’re buying from local artisans and crafters, or supporting a handmade artist from a developing country, buying handmade benefits everyone!

Handmade scented soy wax candles in the UK

Better quality

Your  maker will be far more concerned with the quality of your product than the profit they will make. Don’t get me wrong, small businesses need to make a living too – but they will take great pride in selling you something that is of superior quality than something mass produced. Every item will be checked to make sure that it is of the same high standard. And if something does go wrong with your product they’ll usually want to rectify that situation quickly.

You'll get a unique item

Of course you can shop at your local big department store for your product. And prices do seem to be getting lower every day! But this low cost means you’re getting a mass-produced product to keep the cost as low as possible. You’ll often get the same thing everywhere because that same mass producer is supplying all the big name stores.

There is nothing individual or special about what you’re getting from these big stores. On the other hand your local crafter is sourcing new materials and trying different techniques. You’re getting a unique, and sometimes customised, item. You’ll have something completely individual from a handmade business.

You financially support a person not a big business

There’s a lovely saying that every time you buy handmade, an actual person is doing a happy dance. Not only will you be supporting the income of a person living a dream.

That small profit will go directly to them not to a big corporation and their shareholders.

You spread happiness

Small handmade businesses are started because someone has a passion. They love what they do, and have spent many hours perfecting their craft and want to share their craft with others.

When you buy their product you are showing them you love their work too and are supporting their passion.

So next time you need a new item for your home, consider handmade.