Black Pomegranate

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Mood ideas

Explore the exotic as you're transported to wanderlust with our BLACK POMEGRANATE fragranced candle. Daringly bold, perfect for a romanic night in.

Fragrance story

Daring sensuality, encapsulated in scent. Ruby-rich juices of exotic pomegranate, spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily. Warmed by temptingly-smoky guaiacwood and patchouli. Dark and enigmatic.

For your journey, you'll need a vessel

Our large curved glass vessel is externally painted in matt black to provide a touch of class, a sleek and clean design with a heavy and robust base for extra safety.

Soy many benefits

We only use 100% soy wax in our candles, eco friendly, biodegradable and from a sustainable source.

Size matters

Our large candle will burn for approximately 45 hours.

Eco friendly

We make nature our business by only using ECO FRIENDLY paper labels and packaging.

Got wood

Our signature crown crackling wood wicks add an audible element to your candle experience.

Safety first using your wood wick soy candle

Never leave a burning candle unattended and never burn your wood wick candle for more than four hours at a time. Do not burn candles on or near anything that could catch fire and always put safety first.

Don’t move your candle whilst it’s lit. In fact, don’t touch it at all - it’s hot. Because your candle has a wood wick, it burns at a very high temperature.

The fragrance oils contain some chemicals that carry risk of allergens etc. so it’s essential to read the product description on the website, or the safety sticker on the candle, before usage, a full list of allergens is listed below.

Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles. Burn out of reach of pets and children. Soy wax isn't edible even if it smells delicious. Do not eat!

Important allergen info

Contains 3 and 4-(4-Hydroxy-4-methylpentyl)-3-cyclohexene-1-carboxaldehyde, 6, 7-Dihydro-1, 1, 2, 3, 3-pentamethyl-4(5H)-indanone, Eugenol, p-t-Butyl-alpha-methylhydrocinnamic aldehyde.

Customer Reviews

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'Black Pomegranate' is as juicy as it sounds!!

I've received this lovely candle and have been enjoying it the past month! I'm someone who enjoys gathering candles for different times of the year and its fabulous to be able to add this to my collection. It is firstly one of the deepest and richest scented candles I have ever tried. You can definitely get lost in the essential oils as they flood the house with the most beautiful aromas. This dark and sensual palette is sweet, yet warming. It makes for the perfect choice for a date night and or cosy night in. 🖤 You cannot go wrong with the pricing of these brilliant candles. Compared to what else is on the market with the same impact, you'd be paying a higher premium. It is nice to also have a brand with great values behind it as well!

Amazing candles

I received my black pomegranate candle just on 2 weeks ago and I love it! The most amazing smell in my house and I love the look just as much! The black candle holder is so classy!